Tigerin Peare

I think there are lots of great realtors out there who work hard and want the best for their clients, but there’s only one who is perfect, and that’s Judith Rolfe. In 2012, when I sold my old house (which was during a tough time) she made suggestions about how to improve its appeal that did not require a lot of money and time. We did everything she said, and the house sold in just a few days to a great family who offered more than the asking price. Then, Judith and her incredible assistant, Liz, took care of everything (including meeting with repair and inspection people) until closing.

I was so impressed with Judith and Liz that I used them when wanted to buy a home this year. There was limited inventory in my price range, that didn’t stop them from putting as much effort into my search and offer as they do for people buying enormous houses. In fact, Judith even called me late at night to get me signed up for a down-payment assistance program that she had just found out about. Because of her, I was able to get into this program and could afford a better house. Then on top of that, she was a phenomenal negotiator, and got the sellers to make some significant and expensive improvements to the house as part of the deal. Now we are in a fantastic place with a reasonable mortgage, and it’s all because of Judith.

Throughout the processes of selling and buying, Judith did not candy-coat anything. She gave us the straight scoop. She was clear, knowledgeable, and very practical. She is an excellent negotiator, and your priorities are her priorities. When you are making the biggest financial decisions of your life, it is a profound relief to know that Judith is on your side. I enthusiastically recommend Judith (and Liz) to anyone who needs a realtor. She’s the best!!

Tigerin Peare
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